Instructional Development presents: Teaching TALES at UCSB

TALES, the Teaching and Learning Excellence Series at UCSB consists of live events and podcasts. Live TALES events featuring highly interactive presentations by exemplary faculty instructors. TALES Podcasts are a series of short interviews with faculty, teaching assistants and students highlighting real stories of teaching and learning at UCSB.


Live TALES events are hosted several times per year to highlight compelling stories of creativity, inspiration and engagement in UCSB teaching. Live events feature faculty members that have been nominated by their peers and department leaders as excellent models of pedagogical practice in undergraduate education. The event begins with a personal, vibrant and thought-provoking account of instructional experiences that have a profound impact on both students and teachers. This is followed by interactive participation and open dialogue with the audience.

Register for the Live TALES events on February 7 and February 28.

TALES Podcasts (coming soon!)

TALES podcasts combine the voices of UCSB students and instructors to share real stories and individual perspectives about teaching and learning on our campus. Each podcast focuses on a different topic, sometimes providing a glimpse into campus personalities, and other times exploring the environment and meanings of education at UCSB.

TALES is sponsored by Instructional Development at UCSB.