Each TALES podcast focuses on a different topic, sometimes providing a glimpse into campus personalities, and other times exploring the environment and meanings of education at UCSB. In each video we asked the interviewees to tell us what it’s like to teach and learn at UCSB, and then combined their responses to share real stories and individual perspectives about the richness of education on our campus. 

TALES – Advice for TAs

Instructional Development’s Teaching Assistant Pedagogical Advisors (TAPAs) give practical advice about teaching to new (and experienced) TAs.

TALES – Talking with the TAPAs

Instructional Development’s Teaching Assistant Pedagogical Advisors (TAPAs) give us some insight into how they work with TAs during the video consultation process.

TALES – Advice to Instructors

TALES – Advice to Students

TALES – Flipped Classroom

TALES – What Makes a Great Class?

TALES – First Generation Students’ Experiences

TALES – What does grading mean to you?

TALES – Teachers and Students: Walking in each other’s shoes

TALES Sneak Peeks

TALES Live! Teaching the Truth by Enda Duffy (2017)

TALES Live! Telling Tales in School by Helene Gardner (2017)

TALES Live! The Importance of Ignorance in Teaching for Learning by Jason Duque (2017)

TALES Live! Analysis and Empathy: Helping Students Gain More Fully Rounded Understandings of Controversial Issues by Salim Yaqub (2017)