Presentations from the 2018 Graduate Student Teaching Symposium

Dr. Jens-Uwe Kuhn – Teaching Careers at the Community College

Dr. Josh Kuntzman – If Only One Thing: Being Explicit about our Practical Priorities in Teaching

Dr. Elizabeth Lowham – Preparing for your First Teaching Demo

Video Poster: Teaching Culture in a Foreign Language Class – Pedro Craveiro

Patricia Lino – Interdisciplinarity and Creative Thinking as Teaching Tools

Olga Faccani – Classical Reception: Enlivening Text-Based Courses

Video Poster: Talking with the TAPAs – TA Pedagogical Advisors

Heili Lowman – Data Science in the Classroom: Lessons Learned from Using R, JMP, and Excel as Instructional Tools

Mandy McLean – Freshman and Flash Mobs: The Development and Assessment of a Service-Learning Engineering Design Course using Expectancy-Value Theory

Danny Zeng – The Science of Learning

Landing a Job in Higher Education – New Hire Panel

Teaching Careers in Higher Education – Department Chairs Panel

Kendra Calhoun – Using Everyday Technology as Tools for Racially Inclusive Classrooms

Nicole Ripley – Creativity in the Classroom: Participatory Approaches to Teaching and Learning

David Stamps – Identity, Communication, Practices, and Power Dynamics in the Classroom

Video Poster: How the Growth Mindset Helps TAs Succeed – Leila Zounouzi and Amanda Pinheiro

Lisa August-Schmidt – Keep It Relevant: Aligning Assessments with Learning Objectives and Learning Objectives with Shared Values

Kelly Thomasson – SnapEd!: Accessing the Benefits of Popular Social Media for Education

Dr. Diane Mackie – What Chairs Want (When They Hire Someone to Teach)

Dr. Damon Willick – Making the Cut: Navigating the Job Search Process