Presentations from the 2019 Graduate Student Teaching Symposium

Dr. Robby Nadler – Going on the Market- An Overview of the Essential Materials for Teaching-Focused Positions

Dr. Arthur Gross-Schaefer – Where will you Thrive

Stefan DuBois – Technology in the Classroom: Three Easy Tools for Any Subject

Shawn Van Valkenburgh – Critical Pedagogy in the Diverse Classroom

Avi McClelland-Cohen – Community Organizing as a Pedagogical Framework

Katie Bainbridge – Why the Funny Cartoon In Your Slides isn’t Helping Anyone- The Coherence Principle in Multimedia Learning

Elisabeth Rareshide – Analyzing and Writing Persuasive Arguments in College and Beyond

Anthony Clairmont – Giving Your Students a Vote 

Landing a Job and Thriving – Panel of New and Seasoned Hires

Hiring Practices and Expectations (Faculty Panel)

Kira Weiss – More Than a Sound Byte: Musicking on SoundCloud 

Lauren Smyth – Introducing Ethnographic Fieldwork in an Introductory Course

Olga Faccani – Fostering a Community of Learning- Creative Methods to Engage Students

Diego Padilla-Garcia – Removing Stigmas from STEM- Using Our Social Identities to Succeed

Miguel Penabella – Demystifying the Boogeyman- Creative Engagements in Critical Theory 

Dr. Beatrice de Oca – What does ‘Teacher-Scholar’ mean at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution

Professor Dominic Dal Bello – Community College – What We Do – and What You Need to Do to Join the Team